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Sparky Tractor and Implement
Home of the original "Sparky" tractors!

Dan's Old Truck Page

On this page you'll find photos of my trucks, my dad's trucks, my toy trucks and other photos I've taken, primarily from northwestern North Dakota. Click on any photo for a larger view. Hope you enjoy

My 1947 KBS-5 with a recently added steel box


Dad's 1939 Chevy


195? L Model


My '47 waiting for spring


My '47 even has a decent seat!



  My 1949 KB-5         



An old K-3 for parts



  A firetruck I built out of a sparkplug
A semi from a sparkplug

An ertyl "S" series International
hauling a "sparky" tractor

  About a 1957 or 1958 A-100


Here's a photo for you Ford enthusiasts

Very tired old truck near Lignite, ND
1950's International V220??

Real Horsepower!!




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