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Sparky Tractor and Implement

Home of the original "Sparky" tractors!

2006 Divide Co Threshing Show--Featuring Oliver!

2005 Bowman Threshing Show

2002 Bowman Threshing Bee

1999 Divide Co Threshing Bee Photos

Oliver Tractor Photos


1937 CC Case


Dad's 22-36

F-20 on the
bundle rack


22-36 powering a
Huber thresher

My Regular

Allis Chalmers with mounted corn picker

Twin Cities


My CC Case in the parade at Crosby

As I found it!


Laying fabric weed barrier with my Super 55

22-36 and F-20

Huber Threshing machine with a WD-9 on the hitch

Dad's JD 4020

Dad's W-4

22-36 in the shop

F-20 "as purchased"

WD-9, F-30, and F-12

Hauling Hay

Dad's CC before restoration  Dad's CC after restoration
Before and after Dad's CC Case
This tractor was changed to a wide front and painted orange sometime during its useful life

  Dad's Farmall M   

Dad's M with F-11 loader

Dad's 850 Versatile

The 3 photos above show some of the tractors or parts of tractors which will eventually be returned to operating condition or donate parts to other tractors.  The first photo shows a 15-30 McCormick and a 10-20 McCormick. The second shows the remains of a F20 Farmall, the CC Case pictured above with a new coat of orange paint, a JD 'D', a horse drawn mower, and a JD combine.  The third picture shows another 10-20, a WD-6, another 10-20?, another F-20, and a KB6 truck.