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My home made incubator

January, 2008

Front view

Front access panel open


Thermostat from an old frying pan


egg turning (rolling) rack, thermometer, & water wiggler

Knob for moving eggs and tube for adding water

Light bulb for heat and computer case fan for circulation

A poor picture of one of the vents and vent door

An interior view with the back removed


The incubator is made from the case of an old black & white tv. I have not used it yet at this time. I currently have it in my shop which is only heated on weekends and it is taking a 150 watt bulb for heat and I have too much temperature variation from one side of the egg rack to the other. When I take it to the house and can use a smaller bulb I hope that the temperature variation will become less. If it does not I will add a second bulb on the right side of the incubator. I also need to add a larger water pan or try something else to get the humidity higher. It is holding at about 24% right now.



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